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Current challenges require us to think differently, to act differently and to Rise Above The Ordinary. Staying a step ahead today requires a commitment to teach from a place of innovation and to provide learning that encourages and motivates creative thinking. St. Clair College prepares today’s students to become tomorrow’s talent, guiding them to apply their lessons to critical paths toward their own goals and outcomes. 

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Technology and innovation will continue to influence all sectors of business, requiring strategies and communities that are prepared to think differently. Today’s Technology Students are developing the skills and thinking that will be essential to the advancement of an everchanging economy. In fact, we believe that today’s technology students are tomorrow’s future.


The classroom

Our programs offer several different experiential learning opportunities including work placements, skills competitions, and capstone projects in collaboration with industry, as well as many other initiatives that can be seen on-campus and throughout our region.

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By offering more degree programs, extending its scope of transfer agreements with universities and colleges, and establishing entrepreneurship, research, and innovation partnerships, the College has broadened the ability of its students to acquire knowledge and leading-edge skills. We are committed to providing students with a myriad of opportunities to compete in the global marketplace.


And scholarships

There are a number of scholarship and bursary options to help fund your future.  Full-time students with a minimum 2.0 GPA may apply for scholarships and bursaries offered by the College, while varsity and esports athletes are eligible for scholarships per semester.

Be A part of it

We welcome you to look beyond today, toward what can be. We are an international region that serves to set the standard for careers that are important to recovery and growth. Thinking beyond today requires courage and the perspective we need to Rise Above The Ordinary. Technology, innovation, and solution-based applications for future careers will lead the charge in flexible, nimble thinking and leadership that will affect change.



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St. Clair College is a place where you will learn new things, expand your mind, create lasting friendships, experience college life and obtain the right skills and knowledge to land the job. See what St. Clair has to offer by taking our Virtual Tour.

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